The serigraphy of Vidabeth Bensen


Vidabeth was selected as the Retired Art Educator of the Year, 2013/14,
by the NC Art Education Association.

Vidabeth Bensen holds a BA in Art Education from Brooklyn College and an MA in Gifted Education from the University of Connecticut. She is a former High School Art Teacher and an Elementary School Gifted Education Specialist, having worked for the Department of Defense Overseas School System in Japan and Korea. She also worked as a graphic artist for U.S.I.S. at the American Embassy in Rabat, Morocco and as an illustrator for the U.S. Army in Germany.
Ms. Bensen's prints have been exhibited in solo and group shows in Okinawa, Germany, Morocco, Japan, Korea and in the United States. Much of her work reflects impressions of Asia and other areas of the world in which she has lived and traveled. Ms. Bensen calls Pittsboro, NC home after having lived overseas for 27 years.

Vidabeth's Book about Screen Printing
now available from Royal Fireworks Press

Screen printing is a simple, enjoyable, and cost effective method of creating multiples of original artwork. Artists and teachers will benefit personally and professionally by following the explicit and easily understandable steps in A Simple Guide to Screen Printing.

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Ms. Bensen teaches art and screen printing at various locations in the Triangle area of North Carolina. She also teaches at the John C. Campbell Folk School in Brasstown, NC and was an artist-in-residence for the Durham, NC schools for eight years. She specializes in familiarizing art teachers and classroom teachers with the simple methods of screen printing that she has devised over the years. Ms. Bensen has conducted workshops at the National Art Education Association Convention, the North Carolina Art Teachers Association and returns every summer to the University of Connecticut where she teaches in a graduate program for teachers from all over the world. In recent years she has traveled to Okinawa, Japan, Germany, Italy, and Turkey to teach screen printing to students and teachers in the Department of Defense Overseas Schools.
Ms. Bensen is available for workshops in screen printing for students of all ages. Click Schedule for a list of her current classes or for information, please call (919)542-6087 or email Ms. Bensen at


"My eyes are open to new inspiration
no matter where my life takes me."


"I never know when the texture or lines of what I am looking at
will spark my imagination and prompt me to put those images down on paper."

"Ever since I first pulled a squeegee across a screen
to create a print I have been fascinated
by screen printing and making multiple images."

"I've made hundreds of sketches
during my years of living, traveling, and teaching in Europe and Asia
and often return to those sketches for inspiration.
I also find subject matter in the changing seasons in North Carolina.
Each print is made from a stencil inspired by an original drawing
and is hand cut or painted by hand on the screen."

The Print Gallery on this web site
is composed of a selection of limited edition serigraphs (screen prints)
produced in the last few years.
A recurring example of Vidabeth's talents are her original cards
and her unique theme calendars that she has hand printed since 1970.

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